Trading Technology SOLUTIONS

Pacific Block combines the powers of the financial and IT industries to deliver advanced trading solutions to the Blockchain industry.

Our team of expert technologists believe in developing arbitrage and trend trading strategies dedicated to making the most out of our client’s experience investing in the crypto-currency industry.

With over five years of experience in the crypto-world and several years of trading on NASDAQ & NYSE, our trading team is quite familiar with the pros and cons of working with different exchanges. Looking after the security of the exchanges that we work with, we aim to take advantage of token price inefficiencies to promote measures that offer stability to the market.

Our Automated Bots Are at Your Service!

Further complementing our trading abilities, our team of IT specialists develop automated trading bots. Based on extensive research surrounding the latest developments in the cryptocurrency industry, these automated bots enhance conventional quantitative trading techniques to deliver high quality results.

Supporting the bots, we have a team of experts that generate market reports on a weekly basis. The information contained within these reports is used to reflect upon ongoing trading strategies and to identify new opportunities in the market.

At Pacific Block, we understand that the crypto-currency industry is evolving at an exponential pace. Therefore, we focus on gaining daily insights on the industry, to minimize risks and deliver a high-quality investment portfolio.

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