Team Background

Pacific Block: Connecting the cryptocurrency world

With years of experience of our team members operating out of different regions of the world, Pacific Block Technology has solid relationships with influential figures in the cryptocurrency industry from all-around the world.

Our goal is to maintain active business relations with high portfolio clients and experts from different regions and gain access to the right information and resources to facilitate your success in the industry!

While we are actively working on spreading our reach, our strategic partnerships cover valuable connections with tycoons from China, Europe, South Asia, and the United States. We proudly work with some of the top law firms and cater to some of the top investors in these regions.

Our Network

Blockchain Societies & Clubs

At Pacific Block, we are focused on building our profile to gain a very special place in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry. In doing so, we are proudly associated with some of the most prestigious blockchain clubs and societies in the New England region.

Top Educational Institutes

The team of professionals making up our strategic team are carefully selected on the basis of their educational backgrounds. Coming from some of the top universities of the world, such as MIT, Harvard, and BU, our engineers, traders, and tech geniuses give us access to their connections, thus expanding our network.

Fintech Incubators & Startups

We are dedicated to helping the cryptocurrency world succeed. Offering our valuable resources, experience, and knowledge to blockchain startups in need, we are always expanding our network by being an active part of Fintech incubators and blockchain avant-garde projects.

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