Quantitative Trading

      We are a global financial technology company with special focus on data-driven analytics and services that promote growth in the industry.

      By implementing quantitative trading services we aim to help businesses identify opportunities and profit from trading.

Eliminate Risks with Auto Trading Bots

      Experience our mainstream transaction interface and take advantage of overflow predictions, VWAP and TWAP execution strategies that can help you make risk-free investment decisions.

      Our auto trading bots operate on secondary cryptocurrency market, i.e. cryptocurrency exchanges and focus on enhancing the efficiency of trading and constructing cryptocurrency portfolios with optimized risk/return ratio.

Our Team Can Help You Make Informed Decisions

      The team of financial and technology experts at Pacific Block utilize advanced techniques reduce implicit trading costs and produce results that exceed expectations.

      With a team of engineers, financial experts and IT specialists, we develop trading techniques paired with the usage of bots to surpass trading quantitative trading services and bring about a revolution in the cryptocurrency world.

      The technical members on our team produce quantitative models, while our expert engineers and IT specialists focus on implementing automated bots that support trading practices.

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